Common Types And Features Of Adult Walkers

Adult walkers are made for all types of ailments. Whether your loved one is simply elderly and needs assistance to prop themselves up or if they’ve had a stroke, adult walkers are a great life-assisting tool. Even those who suffer from heart disease due to obesity and other weight or glandular problems will benefit from the use of adult walkers.

Fortunately, there are many options on the market today for quality adult walkers. The Invacare is one manufacturer of high-quality adult walkers.

Various Types And Features

  • Feet Silencers – Many of the walkers are made with feet silencers on them. Meaning that in order to reduce the amount of clapping you hear from the adult walkers on top of tile or wood surfaces, rubberized footings are placed on the walker support legs. This makes the walkers operate quietly.
  • Height Adjustments – There are also height adjustments. Depending on the height of the user, you may need to adjust the walker. This also comes in handy when there are back injuries and some days are more difficult for the adult walkers users to stand upright.
  • Invacare Walker With Paddle Feature – These adult walkers fold for easy storage. They have a low side brace feature which adds strength and rigidity to the walker as well.
  • Invacare Walker Dual Release – These have a wonderfully durable side brace design. You will enjoy the many height adjustments on these adult walkers. The PVC handgrips make holding onto the walker without slipping a simple exercise.
  • Weight Capacity – One of the major features to keep an eye on is weight rating. It is vital that you or your loved one are honest about your weight when shopping for adult walkers. Many of the high-quality walkers have a capacity of 300 lbs. but premium walkers can offer higher ratings.

Buying Guide

When it comes to purchasing the right adult walkers for your usage, follow the steps below:

  • Assess The User

The ailment and age of the user will dictate which type of adult walkers are best for their needs. Consider the height, weight, potential frequency of use and needs before purchasing.

  • Check Consumer Reviews Of Products

It’s important to shop for your adult walkers based on reputation of the manufacturer and positive customer reviews. This keeps you from making a poor judgment call in the dark.

  • Test Walkers At A Hospital, If Possible

Whenever possible, have the users of the adult walkers test out the walker at a hospital or another owner’s home. That way you know if the product will work well for the user’s needs.

These tips will help you decide which types of adult walkers will suit your loved ones needs.