Invacare Walker

The Invacare Walker is from one of the best distributors and manufacturers of mobility equipment in the world. It was once a part of Johnson & Johnson’s. Malachi Mixon III is the company that bought Invacare and the one responsible for turning it into an important health product distribution and manufacturing company.

Invacare is actually a shortened version of Innovation, Value, Healthcare. Aside from the Invacare Walker, the company also makes power and manual wheelchairs, medical equipment, home care systems, portable oxygen systems and nebulizers. These products can be bought in eighty countries all over the planet. Every year the company donates large amount of money to health oriented causes.

The Invacare Walker has been designed for every condition. Thus they have the Invacare Knee Walker, the Invacare Rollator Walker and the Invacare Walker Tray. They have a standard pick and step without wheels types of walkers, two legs and two fixed wheels walkers, four wheeled walkers and three wheels and one-fixed leg walkers as like power wheelchair.

The different Walkers from Invacare can carry weights from 300 to 700 pounds. Light Walkers are made of aluminum while heavy duty designs are constructed from thick walled tubes, with some designs made from steel tubing. The Walkers are available in a wide variety of colors but walkers in natural metal color are available as well.

Safety Tips

When using an Invacare Walker, your safety should always be your primary concern. Here are some general tips that you can follow:

  • Look straight ahead and avoid looking down at your walker or feet
  • Have someone clear your path of anything that can result to slips, falls and trips. These include power cords and small rugs
  • Be wary when you are around small children or pets. They are unpredictable and may cross your path when you are not expecting it
  • Make sure that the tips of your Invacare Walker are in good condition and clean to avoid slips.
  • Replacement tips should only be bought from legitimate drugstores and medical supply stores. If you are going outdoors in winter, there are ice tips that you can attach to your walker, which are easily available as well.
  • Avoid slippery surfaces such as icy or snowy driveways and wet floors. When going out in bad weather, be careful on steps and curbs.

Never use your Invacare Walker to sit down or stand up. Even if you are still holding it with one hand, put your other hand on the arm of the chair or the surface where you are going to sit on as like shower chairs. Make use of that particular hand to guide you in sitting down or standing up. If you are unsteady when standing up, always have your Invacare Walker nearby, where you can reach it easily.

Your first step should always be done with your uninjured or strong leg if you are going into a curb or climbing a set of stairs. When going down, use your injured or weak leg first. If you feel unsure when going up or down stairs, ask for help from other people nearby.